How can I get in contact with you?

You have lots of options:

    • Email -
    • Facebook Messenger - "Message Us" button in bottom right
    • Call - 513-449-0202


How fast can I expect my order to ship?

We ship within ten business days unless otherwise specified, many products ship faster.  Please note that these are business days, not standard weekdays.  If you need something faster please message us prior to purchase and we may be able to make it work.  

How will I be kept up to date on my order status?

There are a series of automated emails to keep you up to date.  The first is an order confirmation email that comes as soon as you place the order.  Once your order ships, you will receive another email with package tracking information.   


Do the state shaped frames fit together?

No, they do not.  They are scaled to a 4"x6" opening, not each other.  Otherwise, Alaska would be enormous compared to Rhode Island.  

How do I format a monogram for a personalized product?

For a personal monogram, it is typically first initial, last initial, middle initial.  For a couple, it is typically the woman's first initial, the common surname initial, and the man's first initial.  It is helpful to include the full names in the notes field so we can confirm the right order.    

Why can't I use letters with tails on a script single line keyholder?

The tails need somewhere to go. If we used a letter with a tail like a "g", it would just look like an "o".  We recommend changing to block font or a two-line version.