Pinecone Home Owners Carolyn & Marshall Remmele

Pinecone Home really got its start in 1998 at a junior high dance when we first acknowledged each other’s existence. A short 14 years later and we were married. After five years of the corporate grind on the east coast, we moved home to Cincinnati to chase the dream.

Founded in 2013, Pinecone Home began in our basement. We got our start selling on Etsy, attending craft fairs, and eventually our own website. Working from home was nice for a few years, and gave us the benefit of spending more time with our favorite furry employees, Murray and Ollie. After a couple years, it was clear we needed a bigger facility to keep up with demand.

In 2016, we moved Pinecone Home out of the house and into a location in the heart of our township. We spent several months navigating the building code, moving equipment, and renovating the space. The new space allowed us to increase production, and connect with customers in our brick and mortar retail store. We opened our doors to the public November 1st 2016.

We strive to provide unique products that are perfect for all ages and occasions. With our emphasis on customization, we make home décor that’s as awesome as you are!

- Carolyn and Marshall