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June 1 Update

June 01, 2021 1 min read

We are now restocked on materials leading to reduced lead times. We continue to strive to ship as many of our products within a week as possible.

NOTE: We try and group items by type to increase efficiency, so you might get lucky and your gift will be made the next day after ordering, but these are current guidelines:

Ships in 3-5 business days: Classic Mason Jar Centerpiece boxes stock phrases, Key Holders, Medal Holders, in-stock State Frames, Harvest Baskets

Ships in 5-7 business days: Personalized Classic Mason Jar Centerpieces, Mini Jumbo or Extra Long Mason Jar Centerpiece Boxes, Felt Pennants, Trophy Shelves, Felt Flower Wreaths, Birch Boxes, Personalized Geo Tile Wall Art

Ships in 7-10 business days: Cutting Boards, Vacation Signs, String Art Kits, Wine Glass Holders, Ornaments

Ships in 10-14 business days: Door Signs, Bar Signs, Crayon Art Displays, Farmhouse Signs, Personalized Chalkboards, Serving Trays (requires long drying times), Fancy Frames / State Frames we don't have in stock (long dry times), and anything else. 

  If you have a specific question about your order, please email Carolyn@PineconeHome.com with your order number.  Thanks! -Carolyn & Marshall