Posted on by Marshall Remmele

Now that we are back to the "new normal" of a social distant workshop here's a guideline to how long for your order by product. Note, we try and group items by type to increase efficiency and reduce setup times so sometimes you might get lucky and your gift will be made the next day after ordering and sometimes not till the following week when we make that product again, but these are guidelines.

 1-3 days: Classic Mason Jar Centerpiece boxes stock phrases, State Frames we have in stock, Charging Stations, Key Holders, Medal Holders, Lap Desks, wine glass holders, and Cincinnati Coaster sets.

3-5 days: Personalized Classic Mason Jar Centerpieces, Mini Mason Jar Centerpiece boxes, Harvest Baskets, Birch Boxes, Personalized Geo Tile Wall Art, Felt Flower Wreaths, Felt Pennants,  Vacation Signs, Personalized Chalkboards, Trophy Shelves 

5-7 days: Jumbo or Extra Long Mason Jar Centerpiece Boxes, Door Signs, Nursery Signs, Bar Signs, Crayon Art Displays, Farmhouse Signs, String Art Kits, Serving Trays (requires long drying times), Fancy Frames and State Frames we don't have in stock (working to increase inventory but Marshall is the only painter right now), and anything else. 

If you need something rushed or have a specific question about your order, please email with your order number and we will do our best to accommodate you. Thanks! -Carolyn & Marshall