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February 04, 2022 2 min read

Here in Cincinnati, we are extra excited about the Super Bowl this year as the Bengals made it for the first time since 1989!  In case you're unsure who to cheer for, welcome aboard on the Bengals bandwagon - there's room for everyone! 

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Barrel Round Charcuterie Board by Pinecone Home

Sisters Laura and Ellie from @a.lala.carte here in Cincy are charcuterie experts & can help take your Super Bowl charcuterie to the next level. 

a lala carte Charcuterie workshop

Plan your Menu

Ellie suggests starting with 2-3 of your favorite meats and cheeses. Crowd pleasers include salami, pepperoni, gouda and manchengo. 

The more variety the better to appeal to your entire guest list.

@a.lala.carte salami rose

Impress with a Rose

Make a salami rose by layering pieces in a shot glass then flipping upside down.

Position largest items first then smaller. Laura likes to start with any wet items in a dish (think pickles or a jam) then the main items like meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie Board

Mix colors, textures & shapes

Criss crossed cheesed slices, rolled up pepperoni or making a cheese star in the middle can be eye catching, but there's no one way to make a board. 

@a.lala.carte likes to use lots of ingredients, but if you only have a few just split them up and position a few places around the board.

Fruit Charcuterie Board by a.lala.carte

Possibilities are Endless

Laura jokes that traditional charcuterie is a grown-up lunchable, and while traditional charcuterie involves meat the modern version can be anything you want.

Check out this kid-friendly fruit board the sisters made for a birthday.

Charcuterie Board by a.lala.carte

Enjoy the Experience

The fabulous thing about serving charcuterie at your own party is that there are no rules. Have fun building your board and go Bengals! Who Dey!