Posted on by Marshall Remmele

Pinecone Home Harvest Basket

The personalized harvest basket is for more than hauling vegetables from the garden. Check out a few ideas on how to use yours this spring! 

Pinecone Home Harvest BasketPinecone Home Harvest Basket

Easter Decorations

Fill with some moss and eggs for a fun spring decoration or plastic eggs and a stuffed bunny.

Pinecone Home Harvest Basket

Picnic Centerpiece

Fill with some citrus & greenery to serve as a centerpiece and serving dish for your spring picnic.

Pinecone Home Harvest Basket

Fruit Bowl

Black thumb? No picnics on the calendar? Use the harvest basket as a fruit bowl on the counter.

Pinecone Home Harvest Basket


No Veggies in the garden? Use to pick some wildflowers.