Posted on by Marshall R

During the month of March, a bunch of publishers are asking listeners to promote their favorite podcasts to new audiences.  We know this because we listen to a whole bunch of them. I have rigged up my hearing protection with some Bluetooth headphones, so I listen to them throughout the day while I'm working.  Carolyn doesn't listen to quite as many, but she has a handful that she really likes.
Marshall's Favorites:
  • 99% Invisible - Interesting design oriented podcast covering a large range 
  • Startup - about the start of a podcast business, sort of meta, but also a very realistic look into entrepreneurship 
  • Cinephile - Adnan Virk who is primarily known as a sportscaster, but is really into movies.  I'm not that into the movies, but Adnan is awesome.  
  • Serial - The first season is awesome and broke a lot of barriers for podcasts.  You'll want to listen to the whole season at once.  
  • Rusillo & Kanell - My favorite sports radio show, I listen to the whole show every day.  Carolyn thinks it's weird how I talk about the hosts as if I know them.  
  • Freakonomics Radio - If you've ever read the book, you'll know what you're getting.  If you haven't read the book, that is worth your time as well.  
  • Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell talks about stuff, he writes good books, his podcast isn't as good, but it's worth listening.  
  • This American Life - Kind of the original podcast, good stories, good storytelling
  • EconTalk - I've been listening to this podcast for almost a decade, it's a little heavier on economics than Freakonomics, not for everyone, but I've learned a lot from Russ over the years
  • The Way I Heard It - Short non-fiction stories, mostly historical written and told by Mike Rowe, they're fun and not too heavy
  • FiveThirtyEight Elections - If you're familiar with FiveThirtyEight from their time with the New York Times, or now with ESPN, you'll be able to guess this is a wonky non-partisan take on politics
Carolyn's Favorites:
  • Criminal Short stories that somehow connect to crime, yet aren't just mysteries. Favorite episode #33 Deep Dive
  • Young House Love I used to read this blog daily till they took a hiatus. Not as educational as Marshall's picks, but feels like you're hanging out with friends.
  • Modern Love Actors read essays from New York Times column of the same name. Favorites are #14 My First Lesson in Motherhood and #26 One Last Swirl.
  • Surprisingly Awesome Rotating hosts discuss mundane topics such as concrete and postal addresses around the world - that one was particularly fascinating to me as we ship internationally.
  • TED Radio Hour NPR curates snippets of TED Talks about a specific topic.